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Fast loan renewal

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Loan quickly requested, loan quickly renewed

All funding requests are made without a credit check, making our loans available to those who need money quickly! Since getting a loan is simple, the renewal is even more.


You are 18 years of age.
You are a Quebec resident.
You have held a steady job for at least one month.
You receive your pay by direct deposit to your bank account.

An annual interest rate (APR)

28% to 32%

Repayment term

Repayment delay of our loans is from is between 12 weeks up to 18 weeks.

Repayment example

Your loan : $500 reimbursment every week with 6 installment, each payments will be $127.67 by payment for a total amount of $760.00.

This information is given as an example only and considers the brokerage fees to be added to the borrowed capital.