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Loan without a credit inquiry
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You are not eligible for a line of credit? Loan on Demand has a solution. We can help you by offering a personal loan without a credit inquiry. You will receive quick cash, a credit of up to $700.
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A fast cash loan without questions

You are in the right place if you need money quickly. We offer loans of $500 or more. Your loan request will be secure and confidential. We are the solution for a fast cash loan.  
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We do not do any credit checks

You want to apply for money? With Loan on Demand, you will get your personal loan easily and quickly, since we do not perform a credit check.

Acceptance answer the same day

You wish to apply quickly to get your money? Our loans are quick online without evidence. Today you will have your money in your bank account safely.
You should know that the annual interest rate is 28% to 32% (APR). The repayment period of the loan is three months. No loan is automatically renewed. By repaying your loan during this term, you will not see any impact on your credit rating. In case of default of payment, the applicable interest of 2% per month or 24% per annum (APR) and the debt will be sent to collection. A fee of $24 will be charged for NSF cheques and you can delay a payment which is subject to an administration fee of $12. A brokerage fee is applicable when obtaining the loan or renewal of a loan. We accept customers benefiting from a CSST program, disability insurance and pension plans.
Loan on Demand Être admissible, c’est simple! Avec Prêt sur demande, vous vous retrouverez rapidement avec plus d’argent dans vos poches, et ce, sans même avoir fait d’efforts!
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